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Highly acclaimed debut from Shores Of Null released by Candlelight Records, praised by the worldwide press as one of the best metal records of 2014 (Terrorizer UK 9/10, Scream Magazine NO 6/6, Dead Rethoric USA 9,5/10, Metal Temple GR 9/10, Ave Noctum USA 8,5/10, Twilight Magazine DE 13/15, Metal Riot USA 4/5). It has been unanimously described as majestic, enthralling and somber, a profoundly dark and dire album both musically and lirically, forging a seamless and overflowing blending of genres into a boiling pot of multi-layered sounds.


released March 24, 2014

Davide Straccione - Vocals
Gabriele Giaccari - Guitars
Raffaele Colace - Guitars
Matteo Capozucca - Bass
Emiliano Cantiano - Drums

Produced by Shores Of Null, Marco "Cinghio" Mastrobuono and Matteo Gabbianelli
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Marco "Cinghio" Mastrobuono and Matteo Gabbianelli at Kick Recording Studio (Rome, Italy) between March and April 2013

All music written by Gabriele Giaccari and Raffaele Colace
All lyrics written by Davide Straccione
All songs arranged by Shores Of Null
Artwork design and layout by Diletta F. (Eba Art)
Band photo by Daniele Di Egidio
Band logo by Davide Mancini

Published by Abstact Sounds Music Ltd.
2014 Candlelight Records



all rights reserved


Shores Of Null Rome, Italy

Shores Of Null is a Rome-based metal band formed in 2013 waving the flag of sorrow in the now vibrant doom metal scene, trading off between gothic-doom vibes and blackened aggression, with epic melancholy-ridden vocal patterns.


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Track Name: Kings Of Null
One desire solitude awakes
We deny sanity and faith

Nothing's stable
Nothing's free
Nothing's alive
You see
Our triumph ended up
Feeling like a defeat

We're the kings of null
We're running out of time
We're the kings of null
We're running out of time
We're the kings of null
We're running out of time
We're the kings of null
Running out of time

One desire selfishness awakes
A place to hide
Where we pull the strings

Nothing's stable
Nothing's free
Nothing's alive
You see
Our triumph ended up
Feeling like a defeat
Track Name: Souls Of The Abyss
Purified, dark deep waters heal
But our sorrow's not redeemed
Petrified, downward the abyss
Hear these chronicles diseased

Inherit the pain and get ready to risk
Life's a cage of flesh and bones
Despair made us human
And then turned us into stone
Each gasp is a sad remorse

Nullify those things never reache
Realign thoughts and dreams

We so far came a long way
But there's no exit, we're trapped in here
Eternal distress, the price to pay
Spread the debris unto the stream

In their eyes, tears of defection
In their minds, thoughts of damnation
In their mouths, words of suppression
In their hearts, deep tribulation

Inhaling the stream
The only way we could breathe
Darkness is a soothing pal
Pain won't go away easily
But you can always trap it
Somewhere deep, here we are

Leave this life, toxic enemy
Live this lie and follow me
Track Name: Night Will Come
Wounds bleed, I'm awake
Night will come
Just waiting for things to settle
Tell me if I will succeed
Right or wrong
Afraid an answer is not easy

Once, you threw stones
You threw them at me
Now those splinters
Will go after you

Night will cure (will cure)
Night will hurt (will hurt)
Night will soothe (will soothe)
Night will come (will come)

Night will come (will come)
Night will rise (will rise)
Night will stay (will stay)
Night will last (will last)

Wounds heal, I'm aware
Night will come
My shelter will be the dark
Save me
Track Name: Ruins Alive
All your friends
Keep telling to calm down
Enemies instead
Keep wishing you go down

Seasons turn
Ruins alive
Bridges burn
All things will drown

Ash and debris
The state of things to come
We are the brave kids
Misfortune by our side

Twisted soil - ruins alive
Gift and curse - ruins alive
Future blown - ruins alive
Grief and scorn - ruins alive

Seasons turn
Ruins alive
Bridges burn
All things will drown
Track Name: Quiescent
Crawling through the earth
We saw the wrecks
Trudging through the thorns
We felt the cramps
Swimming through the mud
To taste the filth
Climbing through the void
We lost our way

So mysterious our realm deranged
Insignificant the things we said
Glide into this hole and don't demand
Join the revolt of quiescence

Quit your purposes
You're just a pawn here
Nothing to rescue
But your integrity

Seize the night, soon
Seal your eyes, sleep

Hide and wait for the sun

Ordinary world is not our realm
Deep into the mire we found our place
Nowhere we belong, just hold your breath
Waiting for the call and resurrect
Track Name: The Heap Of Meaning
Erased the stains
The shades of heinous thoughts
Are carried by the wind
Victory turned dire
Our childish doom craved us dead
What we could do to avoid this hecatomb?
All was done for significance, you know
Unfelt the threat
We took it as an urge
You've been always right
We always fool

Joy turned upside down
Our secret's now revealed
Come see the heap of meaning
See all the blood we spilt

Remembering days of massacre
Few children facing emptiness
Grim, dreadful, the demons were us
We killed our innocence for good

The wishes we adopted
Made us grow apace
The bloody taste of triumph
Consumed us from within
Track Name: Time Is A Waste Land
Close to the fire
I won't dare to touch
Our time is a waste land

Further, the journey we go
Everything's vain
Our time is a waste land

Wasting no more time for hopes
And old fairy tales
Our time is a waste land

Solid the pile we built
Now lies here in ruins
Our time is a waste land

I descend
Through light absent
I resist
Though I desist

I exist
I resist
I exist
I resist
I desist
Track Name: Pain Masquerade
What a shame
Look, what's up
See the fall has just begun
Our world to tear down
And our story to redraft

War of heart, core of one
Waiting for the end of all
Everything will break down
And euphoria will drown

We're on a murky way
Need to get out of here
What are we striving for?
Closer's the end of hope
Pray while you bleed
And don't kneel to this life unfair
Adjust your armour
Act like a fortress

Get away, aim unknown
Oh, the fall has just begun
Our pain makes no sound
Landed on devil's playground
Searching for the answer
Looking for the things that count
No escape from ourselves
Nothing but an early grave

Time slides away
Life: pain masquerade

Are you afraid or not?
Track Name: Eudaemonia
Breathe the light of day
Feel free to touch the sun

You deserve that
You know what you want
Bliss and pleasure
It is what you want

Peace of skull and chest
Therein the sign of wealth

My heart is on a slope
I'm tired of falling apart
My heart is on a slope

My life is on a scale
I'm tired of wasting my time
My life is on a scale

Give a boost to bliss
Overcome the mayhem
Chase your happiness
Enjoy your isolation
Needs are small
Enemies are real
A burst of light there is
Wait for your time
Regain your burning star

Slow down, rise up
Stand for your dominion